Change The Heart Change The World

We’re releasing Change the Heart Change the World, a national network television special also available on DVD, during the National Religious Broadcasters Convention being held February 18-21 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center located in Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s the synopsis:
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This thought-provoking documentary examines the evidence of the rightful owner of the most controversial piece of real estate on Earth known as The Holy Land. Modern-day Israelis claim their people have lived in the region for some four thousand years. The Palestinian-Arabs say they have occupied the Holy Land for ten thousand years. Who is the rightful owner of this disputed land called Israel? What is Israel’s role in the world? Do the Arab nations have an inheritance from God? Is it even possible to achieve peace in this war torn land? If so, could Christianity play a role in the peace process?

The hour long insider documentary has on-location hosting in Israel by Canadian-born TV Film producer David Rawlings who grew up in Israel with close friends on both sides of the Israeli/Arab confict.Change the Heart Change the World tells it like no other documentary ever has told it—through the eyes of all the participants in the confict. You will discover a new perspective on the Holy Land and how it can attain genuine peace.

Based on the Dissertation: Israel: Whose Land Is It? by Marsha Scudder Rano, DTh, DMin, PhD(c)

Israel Interviewer & host David Rawlings, Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision TV