Current Series in Production

The Israel Series

The Purpose of this series is to raise awareness of the victimization of Israeli residents as well as Palestinian-Arab residents of the Holy Land by radical Islam terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, who coerce the masses through manipulation of the truth, and control the Arab population through fear, guilt, and shame.

The Objective

This series does not promote a “we/they” position, rather the love of God for all people. Throughout history God’s protection of Israel has been because of her faithfulness to Him, and not because He prefers one group of people over another. This series examines historical, contemporary, archaeological, political, and theological issues to expose the truth and the deceptions surrounding this most remarkably far-reaching conflict.

The Theme

In 1948 Israel once again became a nation—in one day—with the blessing of the United States, the United Nations, and the majority of the Western world. But in the years that have passed, world opinion has turned against the State of Israel, questioning its right to much of its territory and even casting doubt on it right to exist. This series examines every side of this issue to dig out the truth and quell the lies.

In Production: Change the Heart Change the World

The plan for peace is a simple one brought forward by Christians, Messianic Jews, and born-again former Muslims who all point to Christianity as the ultimate broker of peace in the Middle East Conflict. As the politicians of the world continue their efforts to mitigate the conflict between the descendants of the two brothers—Isaac and Ishmael—in the Land of Israel, with absolutely no success in sight, our show presents the possibility of how Christianity could play a role in the Middle East Conflict as a broker of peace.

Israel: Why Should We Care?

Concerning the Arab/Israeli conflict, there are many voices influencing the debate and world opinion—Israelis, Palestinian-Arabs, Christians, Zionists, as well as radical Islam terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO, Hamas and others. Generally the news media outlets report the conflict from only one perspective—the perspective in which they agree. This documentary thoroughly examines all the voices attempting to influence the Israel-Palestine debate—digging deeper than any news organization, examining the behind the scenes issues and power positioning motivating each group, and exposing what each group would like to keep secret from the world in pushing their agenda to influence world opinion.